Office Relocation Management

It takes more than a truck to move a business, trust the vast experience of Avent when it comes to a complete relocation of your business, furniture, equipment and network.

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On Demand IT Services

When you need IT, we will be there 24/7. Network, Cabling, Servers, Office 365, Backup & Recovery.

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Furniture Decommissioning

Coordinate and manage decommissioning and liquidation projects.

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Our Services

Office Relocation

In any office relocation management project, we at AVENT leverage our experience to provide assistance, advice, and plans to help execute a seamless moving process. As a corporate relocation specialist, our goal is to enable a seamless, hassle-free transition to…

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IT Relocation

Don't let your business get caught without the essential tools that keep it up and running in this digital age. With careful planning and a seamless IT relocation experience, stay online, communicate on-the-go, and deliver a customer experience - all…

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Furniture Decommissioning

Upgrade how your office looks and feels to reflect a modern way of doing business, or streamline costs by inspiring an open, clutter-free workspace. Whether you're upgrading how your office looks and feels to match industry standards and better reflect…

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Latest News

Why You Should Consider Relocating Your Business

Why You Should Consider Relocating Your Office When owning and operating a business, location plays a critical role in the business’ success. The space and proximity to the market, depending on what your business has to offer, can possibly alter…

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Your Guide to a Smooth Office and IT Relocation

Moving offices is unavoidable for many companies, especially as business grows over time. But if you’re a business owner looking to move to a new location that has enough room for future expansion, how do you get from your old,…

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Office Moving Made Easy: Why You Need an Office and IT Relocation Company

In the face of growth and expansion, it’s natural for business owners like you to consider moving into a new, bigger office that can accommodate your needs and provide ample room for innovation, brainstorming, and climbing up the market in…

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Finding an Office and IT Relocation Company in the GTA & Ontario

Struggling to think of how to properly dismantle, pack, and set-up your IT equipment when you move to a new location? IT relocation companies are designed to make the transition hassle-free, so you and your team can focus on making…

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