Office Relocation

In any office relocation management project, we at AVENT leverage our experience to provide assistance, advice, and plans to help execute a seamless moving process.

As a corporate relocation specialist, our goal is to enable a seamless, hassle-free transition to a modern, new office space that supports how you do business in this modern age.

Take a look at our carefully curated and well-proven process:

Project Meeting

Starting with a project meeting, we take into account administrative requirements for facilitating your office relocation. As a prime consultant, we chair ongoing meetings to keep the progress on-track.

Ongoing Review

We chair and attend ongoing project review meetings with the senior management in your office to ensure that as clients, we keep you happy and up-to-date with the preparations for the upcoming move.

Have Documents On-Hand

We carefully document and take minutes of all meetings and tasks pertaining to the office relocation so as to stay on schedule and ensure the completion of necessary tasks on schedule.

Carefully Constructed Timeline

By preparing a computerized project schedule, we can ensure that all aspects of the office relocation project are covered, accounted for, and completed on-time, so you can transition to a new workspace in time for celebrating milestones that necessitate the move to a fresh, new space.

Making the Move Official

By obtaining all official permits and necessary approvals, we make sure that your office relocation project is properly sanctioned, official, and safe.

Identify Critical Paths

With a properly maintained project schedule that includes documenting and updating identified critical paths, we make sure that the relocation starts with the movement of important assets, with properly defined paths as a guarantee of utmost efficiency and careful allocation of resources dedicated to enable a smooth transition.

Tagging and Distribution

An established code plan for specific movements guarantees efficiency and proper handling of assets to be transferred. This also includes a properly detailed plan for tagging assets and distributing the workload among team members.

Direct Tender

We also practice a direct tender process for all necessary assets and crucial office equipment immediately required to get your new workspace up and running.

Hands-on Supervision

We attend all on-site activities and supervise the completion of all tasks pertaining to the relocation.

Proper Direction

With careful direction of all relocation activities on-site, we ensure effective communication with all involved parties, such as general contractors, furniture installers, and telecommunication providers, among others.

Post-Move Support

After the relocation has been completed, we continue to provide post-move support, including proper set-up and installation of all equipment transferred, and new ones brought in to help facilitate an improved workflow in your new office.

These are just some of the important precautions and steps we follow to carry out a smooth office relocation process that’s hassle-free on your end, and ensures that your business stays up and running throughout the move, and after, as you settle into a new workspace.

Think the magic has worn out in your office?
A new workspace might just turn that around and give inspiration for new ideas to grow!
Save yourself the hassle of office relocation by working with us at AVENT, a leading corporate relocation specialist!


Avent offers office relocation services and IT relocation services in Greater Toronto Area, Waterloo, Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Vaughan, North York, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Newmarket, Barrie, London, Windsor, Hamilton, Kitchener, Brampton, Guelph and Markham. Looking for an office location company in Ontario to move your office or IT? contact Avent for information, service levels and competitive pricing.

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