Why You Should Consider Relocating Your Business

Why You Should Consider Relocating Your Office When owning and operating a business, location plays a critical role in the business’ success. The space and proximity to the market, depending on what your business has to offer, can possibly alter your decision in regards to whether you should relocate your office. In many cases, relocation could be a brand new start in aiding your developing company to prosper and grow. Avent International is your go-to […]

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Your Guide to a Smooth Office and IT Relocation

Moving offices is unavoidable for many companies, especially as business grows over time. But if you’re a business owner looking to move to a new location that has enough room for future expansion, how do you get from your old, cramped space to a bright new office? Beyond packing desks, chairs, files, pantry supplies, and other office essentials, one of the biggest parts of moving offices is safely and correctly relocating all the important technology […]

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Office Moving Made Easy: Why You Need an Office and IT Relocation Company

In the face of growth and expansion, it’s natural for business owners like you to consider moving into a new, bigger office that can accommodate your needs and provide ample room for innovation, brainstorming, and climbing up the market in Toronto. But the question is, how do you handle this move and transition to begin with? Will your team spend the month filling up boxes and going back-and-forth between your current office and your new […]

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Finding an Office and IT Relocation Company in the GTA & Ontario

Struggling to think of how to properly dismantle, pack, and set-up your IT equipment when you move to a new location? IT relocation companies are designed to make the transition hassle-free, so you and your team can focus on making sure that your business stays up and running, instead of losing valuable, productive hours to packing and unpacking countless boxes. AVENT International is a leading IT relocation company that provides specialty, corporate relocation services for […]

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