Furniture Decommissioning

Upgrade how your office looks and feels to reflect a modern way of doing business, or streamline costs by inspiring an open, clutter-free workspace.

Whether you’re upgrading how your office looks and feels to match industry standards and better reflect a modern business, or you’re looking to streamline costs by de-cluttering the workspace, we have expert solutions for you!

Our Furniture Decommissioning services can help inspire fresh, new ideas in the workspace as you update how the interiors in your office. Starting with removing clutter and dated furniture pieces, we can ensure a hassle-free transition at work.

How do we achieve this? Here’s our unique, hassle-free, and industry-grade approach to furniture Decommissioning:

Furniture Decommissioning Process

Coordinate and manage decommissioning projects

  • Starts with outlining the project details, from ingress to egress
  • Identification of furniture and equipment to be removed and/or replaced
  • Remove and recycle excess furniture and IT equipment

Create comprehensive furniture inventory

  • Catalog product descriptions
  • Photograph furniture and assets to be disposed of
  • Make note of quantities for disposal

Issue RFP document

  • Start a competitive bidding process for furniture to be removed and/or replaced
  • Identify and retain a qualified vendor after a successful bid
  • Coordinate the removal of the furniture and transfer to the new owner

Removing dated furniture pieces and inspiring a fresh, collaborative workspace has never been this easy – and affordable!
Streamline costs and generate savings you didn’t know were right in your pocket with the decommissioning and replacement of excess furniture. Get in touch with us today to start!


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