IT Relocation

Don’t let your business get caught without the essential tools that keep it up and running in this digital age. With careful planning and a seamless IT relocation experience, stay online, communicate on-the-go, and deliver a customer experience – all without bearing signs of a team that’s fumbling to reconnect phones, printers, Internet cables, cloud data storage, and local networks.

The tech you use everyday powers your business – its seamless relocation and setup in your new office is key to staying ahead of the market in a refreshed workplace.

Worried about your business getting caught in the mess of tangled wires and loose connections? Let the tech you use keep up with the everyday demands of business – and not the other way around, with you struggling to make the connections and keep customers happy, all while dealing with the realities of moving to a new office.

As a corporate relocation specialist, AVENT helps eliminate the nightmare of going offline and staying that way when you move to a new workspace. Here’s how we achieve a smooth relocation of all the tech your business relies on to function and compete in the digitally-savvy business districts:

Proper Disconnection and Reconnection

With specialized teams tasked specifically with properly disconnecting all IT equipment, including computers, docking stations, printers, phones, and network connections, we facilitate a seamless reconnection at your new office – without causing loss of business, just as if you didn’t move locations.

Detailed Inventory

When you trust us with your IT equipment, you can guarantee that our process includes a careful inventory management, so we can keep track of assets that need to be relocated and set up in your new office.

Script Testing

Our tech team is always ready to help with new software and hardware roll-outs, including setting up and testing new equipment, such as computers and phone systems, so you and your team have more time to focus on keeping business running as usual.

Ergonomic Mounting

In addition to reconnecting and installing all the tech that powers your business, we also ensure that these are properly installed and mounted in your new office – practicing a smart use of even the most limited of space.

Data Centre Relocation

You have the tech essentials, such as IT equipment and software – but what’s your business without the crucial data that informs you of your next move? Included in our holistic approach to IT relocation is planning and executing a thorough and complete data centre move, so the information you rely on stays with you, and enables your business to run as usual.

Network Cabling

A crucial, but often overlooked aspect of IT relocation is proper network cabling. With our experts at AVENT, you can trust that we won’t just install your IT equipment where they need to be, but ensure that you get back online in no time. In the office, this means that you and your team can stay in contact and collaborate seamlessly over the local office network; and outside, you can continue keeping customers happy with clear and effective communication.

Weekly or On-Demand Services

Our work doesn’t stop when you settle into your new space. We make sure we’re easily within reach for weekly site technical services to ensure that you can reap the gains of moving to a smart, new space.

Be empowered by the tech you use, more so in a promising new location.
Stay online and on top of business, even when moving offices, through uninterrupted collaboration and a seamless transition.


Avent offers IT relocation services and office relocation services in Greater Toronto Area, Waterloo, Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Vaughan, North York, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Newmarket, Barrie, London, Windsor, Hamilton, Kitchener, Brampton, Guelph and Markham. Looking for IT location company in Ontario to move your IT network and computers including cabling, install, active equipment, new / refurbished or used office furniture and computers? contact Avent for information, service levels and competitive pricing.

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