Stress-Free IT Office Relocation

The Greater Toronto Area is rapidly developing, and with that come many opportunities to relocate your business from one location to another. Common reasons could be attributed to relocation decisions, such as; lower cost of operations, proximity to prospective employees (universities, for example), tax incentives, better infrastructure or otherwise just a better business decision for your company.

Looking to relocate your Ontario based IT business and require help moving and installing your IT network, computers, cables, new/refurbished office furniture, and more?



When you are looking to move an existing business in Ontario, you have to consider furniture, IT, network, computer and monitor equipment. On top of all of that, you need a superior project management team to ensure the move is done smoothly and that you are reconnected correctly without losing any data or damaging your equipment. That is exactly what Avent International do best, on time and on budget. We move both your office and IT between locations in Ontario. 



Moving day consists of an enormous amount of tasks, especially when you’re moving from one office to another. From packing computer cables to furnishing a whole new office, it can take a lot of time and effort. At Avent International, we work to execute a plan to make the relocation process a much easier and stress-free experience. Avent provides hands-on supervision, proper direction of relocation activities and post-move support, so even after you have moved in, Avent will be there to properly set-up and install all the equipment that was transferred. Your business runs using various forms of technology everyday. With vigilant planning, Avent will guarantee a smooth transfer for your IT equipment. We want you to feel comfortable in your workplace without having to worry about if all your computers or monitors are installed properly.

As a relocation specialist for businesses, we will make sure you go through a proper disconnection and reconnection at your new location. We will outline where the IT will be placed by taking into account the space in order to run the equipment efficiently. Any computers, docking stations, printers, phones, and network connections will be placed accordingly. It will feel as if you didn’t even move from the previous location. Avent will also keep track of all inventory by carefully keeping note of all assets in detail that need to be relocated and set-up. New software and hardware can be a hassle to take care of, especially when moving from one area to another. Our tech team will run script tests and is always ready to help customers with any IT inquiries. This will allow your business to run steadily without having to worry about all the nuts and bolts that come with technology.

Reconnecting and installing are some parts of the relocation process, mounting all that equipment is another process. Mounting your IT equipment is crucial to ensure that your tech runs smoothly and safely. Our team uses Ergonomic Solutions for mounting technology to properly mount all IT devices, so that even if we are working with limited space, we will work smart with the space provided.

Your data centre relocation is a critical factor when moving. At Avent, we want you to be able to rely on your data centre so that your business can run regularly as it used to before. We execute a project plan for the data centre making sure that no information is lost and everything will be at your fingertips. Our specialists will assure that you are back online as soon as possible. You can trust Avent to properly set-up all networking cables. Your customers will be able to communicate with you clearly and effectively with no worry regarding connectivity issues, guaranteeing that your customers will be satisfied.

We don’t stop even after you have settled into your new space. We want our customers to be happy with our services to ensure that they are worry-free when it comes to office relocation. Our team provides weekly technical services making sure you are always satisfied with all the relocation tasks. Choose smart moving, choose Avent international for your business.

Contact us here at Avent International for information, service info, and competitive pricing!

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