Your Guide to a Smooth Office and IT Relocation

Moving offices is unavoidable for many companies, especially as business grows over time. But if you’re a business owner looking to move to a new location that has enough room for future expansion, how do you get from your old, cramped space to a bright new office?

Beyond packing desks, chairs, files, pantry supplies, and other office essentials, one of the biggest parts of moving offices is safely and correctly relocating all the important technology that your business relies on. From disconnecting computers, networks and phones and ensuring safe handling, to setting up at your new location, IT relocation alone can be a headache.

So how can your business safely move all IT equipment to a new office in the GTA, or the fast-rising Waterloo area? IT relocation companies adopt this detailed checklist to ensure a safe and smooth office relocation for any company.

Evaluate the Tech

Moving offices is a great chance to toss out any aging equipment and purchase updated tech. It is also a great chance to shop around and look for new providers with better deals. But on top of setting up mail forwarding, informing customers, and advertising your new location, planning the relocation of IT assets itself can seem like a burden.

Working with an experienced IT relocation company, the move can be planned months ahead of time. Plus, the relocation company can set up your IT system at the new location, even before the actual moving day. Here’s how IT relocation companies evaluate your tech assets prior to the move:

  • Run tests on all equipment to determine if they still meet the needs of the company
  • Mark the equipment that need upgrading and purchase new ones to replace outdated tools and systems
  • Gather all leased equipments and return those not needed or unsuitable for the new office
  • Toss out any broken equipment.

Adopt New Communication Requirements

Moving your business to a new location goes hand-in-hand with the amount of inbound, outbound, and internal communication required to keep your customers happy. Trading in your old office for a bigger and better place means expansion, so you’ll want to make sure that your new office can support the increasing demands of communication technology.

With the help of an IT relocation company, you can determine if you have all the right communication tools, as well as their proper setup at your new office. Here’s what a specialized IT relocation expert will check:

  • Number of phone lines in the new office
  • Number of Cat 5 cables and Cat 6 cables in the new office
  • Total number of power outlets at the new location– It’s important to note how many are in each separated space, too (ie: how many in the kitchen and how many in individual rooms).

Make a Site Visit Checklist

A smooth site visit should include all IT providers and an experienced and certified cabling company, such as Avent International, so that any new equipment can be tested and the team can make adjustments if necessary. IT relocation companies do the following during a site visit:

  • Go over any configuration plans with all IT providers
  • Plan out where all the furniture goes
  • Make sure safety and security requirements are met for the server room

Protect Your Data

Experiencing a data error or data loss is a the worst nightmare for IT relocation; the good news is, these can be prevented with good measures. To avoid these from happening and costing your business valuable resources as a result, IT relocation companies adopt the following data security methods:

  • Make backup copies of all company data and store them at secured locations that will not be affected by the move
  • Make sure that all the data is recoverable so the information can be restored after the move.

On the Moving Day

IT relocation requires special handling and expert skills. That’s why it’s recommended to hire an experienced office relocation management team to do the actual moving. Here’s a summary of what IT relocation companies do to ensure a smooth and hassle-free transition, so you can keep your business running as usual:

  • Ensure that the backup copies and the main system are transported separately to the new location because if they are in the same moving truck and the truck gets into an accident, then both systems will be destroyed
  • Proper labeling for all wires and cables
  • Have a contact list of all people who are participating on the moving day.

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